About A-life

A-LIFE was established and registered at theAgency for Business Registration in Kosovo, with it’s headquarter in Prishtina, as a private company, which deals with the distribution of products, medical devices and cosmetics.
A-Life Companyoperates as a Pharmaceutical Warehouse – Wholesalers for Medical Products and Equipment, for Territory of Kosovo, it is licensed by the Agency for Medical Products and Equipment- Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo.
Distribution of products, dietary supplements and cosmetics it’s possiblefrom the collaboration and the creation of partnership, relationships with companies such as: Bios Line, FARMAVITA, Vitaking, Kulau,2in1. To make possible the distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, A-LIFE takes the model of excellence and continuous links with our partners, suppliers, distributors, pharmacies and medical community.
By offering services to the clients, through the distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products,we have achieved and successfully established satisfactory relations and continuous cooperation with our customers, by creating business reports and cooperation with local and foreign companies in this field, so as to meet customer requirements.

Our Mission

The aim of A-Life Company, is that through the cooperation with foreign and local partners, to enable the entry of various medical products – pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., in the local market and through this, to allow for additional involvement of interested persons who can introduce new ideas in the field of medical science, sales, marketing and technology.Our mission is to continue to work and provide better services, and enjoyable for existing and prospective customers.

  • Promoting the best way possible new products and launch them in the Kosovo market
  • Participation in the formation of the market
  • Improving the standards of medical products and cosmetics
  • Collaboration with state institutions, private,scientific, medical centers and cosmetics